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Greetings! I'm Sharon and I love being on the leading edge of the wellness revolution/evolution. As a veterinarian, I helped my animal patients experience optimal health. Now I help people (and their animals!) discover their own path to wellness. I believe nutritional support is vital. Our body is the vehicle upon which our mind and spirit travel throughout this lifetime. I have extensive personal experience with health and nutritional products.

For the whole picture and to create your own path to vibrant health and well-being, email me at sharon@doctorsjohnandsharon.com and find out how to get started.

For a Personal Consultation with Sharon...

In my wellness practice, I also consult with both people and their animals to help them feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We can discuss the nature of your present life issues and explore your dreams, desires and hopes for the future. In our work together, we help you focus on fulfillment and joy in your endeavors.

I use my veterinary experience to observe the energy and relationships between you and your animals. We find ways to address the needs and desires of your family, including the many-legged, winged, finned, or scaled members. A reduction of stress and an increase of satisfaction and joy impacts the whole family. Our animals are excellent "readers" of emotion. They can tell when we are happy or out-of-sorts. They often mirror our stress, even to the point of exhibiting the same dis-ease symptoms as their people. As we become healthier, we enhance the environment for their well-being.

We can work in person or over the telephone or internet. If not in person, digital pictures or prints can be helpful. After we have established the issues we want to address (usually 1 hour during the first session), we will move to the second part of the work. If working by phone, we will finish the call and I'll have you sit in a quiet room and focus on your breath.

The second part of our session takes approximately forty-five minutes. If your session is in person, you lay fully clothed on a massage table. I use energetic/shamanic techniques to help you step into the fullness of who you are and to align with your heart's desires. If the session is at a distance, I will hold you and/or your animal companion as the object of my attention and will work energetically to hold the space for that alignment.

After this, I offer you guidance and feedback from the information I receive during your session. Our subsequent visits follow this framework and last about an hour.

If you have questions about my wellness products or wish to schedule a personal consultation, email me at sharon@doctorsjohnandsharon.com.  I look forward to our visit.

Love and Light, Sharon






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