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Sharon the Flight Instructor

If you're wondering what flying airplanes has to do with well-being, this is my story.

I believe that our well-being is determined by our willingness to follow our dreams. Once we launch a dream and allow the components of the dream to come to us, we are on our way. On one of John's and my motorcycling adventures, we watched the Travel Channel and saw a program on the Copper Canyon of Mexico. Armed with two free airline tickets, a guidebook, and a Spanish-English dictionary, we decided to hike and bask in the beauty of this magical place.

Sitting on the rim of the canyon, a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon, we talked about our dreams. I envisioned sharing the beauty of nature with people through flight. The vistas from the air, as well as from mountains and canyon rims, are magnificent. How awesome to share this with people by flying them over these vistas. My dream was launched.

On our return to Lynchburg, the components started to fall in place. I took a sightseeing flight, piloted by a flight instructor, and the journey began. I loved flying and continued advancing my certifications and ratings. I learned to balance the demands of our veterinary practice with the demands of flying. Yes, it was challenging, but what an exhilarating journey.

My first flight instructor suggested I consider being a flight instructor. It was the next logical step, a way to share the gift of flying with others and a way to hone my skills. This part of the journey led to me to become a Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor, a Certified Instrument Instructor, a Certified Multiengine Instructor, and a multiengine Airline Transport Pilot with a Citation Type Rating (CE-500). I spent a short time in the airlines at Potomac Air and learned to fly the Dehavilland Dash-8. This career was cut short by the events of September eleventh, as my airline was shuttered. I returned to the profession of flight instruction, which I continue today.

I share my love for flying by offering Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, and Airline Transport Pilot lessons, ground lessons, as well as flight reviews and instrument competency checks. For further information, call me at 434-528-4092 or email me at sharon@doctorsjohnandsharoncom.

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