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Gift of the Jaguar

In Gift of the Jaguar, the ancient wisdom traditions of Peru are interwoven into a spiritual parable about the path to joy. Guilt-ridden over his sister’s death, Juan encounters a black jaguar and is confronted with his own fear of dying but with a strange twist. He can see through the jaguar’s eyes. Desperate for help, he reaches out to his friend Rosa, and her grandfather, the shaman Don Francisco, and enters into a world where the jaguar becomes a teacher of life and death. Sent on a journey of initiation to a sacred mountain, Juan uncovers the truth about his sister and discovers a secret that will change his life. In this beautifully crafted story, the reader travels on a surprising journey of self-discovery.

Gift of the Jaguar is simultaneously a story of psychological growth and spiritual discovery, a tale of personal and religious revelation. While authors John and Sharon Franklin engage Andean mysticism—and, more broadly, South American religious traditions—with the eyes of an anthropologist, their fiction still seeks to impart transcendent truths. …Truly a gift.

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What if you could travel on the journey of a lifetime and discover your own unique path to joy?
Two veterinarians found the secret to vibrant health and inner peace from their four-legged patients and discovered the same intuitive wisdom in healing traditions thousands of years old in Peru. If you already own the latest self-help books and CD’s or have your space reserved in the next workshop and still haven’t found your path to feeling really good, maybe there is another way, an easier, less complicated way. Animals know the secret. Why not you?

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Many people have an understanding of the ancient teachings of Peruvian culture, but only a few truly embody the essence in the way that John and Sharon do. Gift of the Jaguar takes us on a journey of initiation and self-discovery through the rugged landscape of fears and regrets. Guided by the profound wisdom of Andean shamans, we learn how to move through life with a sense of purpose and with connection to those who came before us and to those who will follow.
Dr. Theo Paredes, Founding Director of the Poqen Kanchay Foundation
Where Light Germinates


Gift of the Jaguar got me out of my left-brain, allowing me to enjoy so much meaningful material about ethics, healing, and life that I came away feeling a wiser, more clearly directed person. I think that this book will be extremely valuable for most readers, especially in the area of personal transformation. Gift of the Jaguar is a hero's journey, Peruvian style…a journey between life and death.
Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D.
Founder of Zero Balancing



Readers Speak Out

"I loved diving into this world. The insight and descriptions into the rituals and ways of being of the Peruvian people was simply enchanting. I feel like I walked away with a far greater understanding of shamanic ways while being thoroughly entertained throughout the book. I appreciated the spiritual truths it highlighted as they can be applied to every person. Wonderful!" 
Cindy Ashton, Author of Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye


"I read Gift of the Jaguar during a recent snowstorm, sitting by a cozy fire, fully engaged. I highlighted many great lines, and felt my heart over flow with love and tears a number of times throughout Juan and Rosa's story, once especially, as Juan heads off to Ausangante Mountain on a vision quest. I feel changed at a deep level having read this beautiful book. Gift of the Jaguar reminds us that when we endeavor to and ultimately do heal our past and the emotional wounds that bind us, our ancestors are healed and honored too. A reader may discover the healing powers of Nature, and find herself immersed in the midst of those very powers. I especially recommend this book as required reading for anyone interested in the field of integrative healing arts as a profession."
Barbara J. Semple, Best Selling Author, Instant Healing 


"Gift of the Jaguar is a great read. Embedded in a powerful story are profound mystical truths from many sources. Because they are embedded in such a fast paced, dramatic and inspiring story, the truths take on light and energy that make them more understandable to ordinary people that if they were just simply discussed. A must read for those of us who are always on a spiritual path and looking for a new trail up the mountain. "
Dr. Barbara Holstein, Best Selling Author of The Enchanted Self and The Truth 

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