Drs John & Sharon
Sharon's Special Story

...How I Walked (and Ran) Again!

I want to share an amazing story with you that changed my life.

A motorcycle fell on my left leg September 19, 2007.  My lower tibia was crushed down into my ankle joint and my fibula was broken into several pieces.  The surgeon told John and me that it was one of the worst fractures possible.  It could lead to amputation.  We’re veterinarians, and we knew he was not exaggerating.

I came out of surgery with two steel pins anchored in the front of my tibia and one through my heel, with clamps and rods holding them together.  A small plate on my fibula gave me additional support.  In the picture, it looks like I was attacked by an erector set!  Our doctor, a wonderful surgeon, said it was temporary.  After the swelling went down in two to three weeks, he’d screw a steel plate onto the tibia.  John and I knew the risk of implant failure and infection from a family member who suffered a similar injury several years ago.  I asked the surgeon if he could leave the pins in place to do the job.

The doctor said infection around the external pins would leave them unstable by eight weeks.  We needed a minimum of twelve weeks for the bones to heal, but he couldn’t keep me on antibiotics that long.  He had never gotten a patient to twelve weeks with such a device. Meanwhile, I was on twelve Percocet tablets a day for pain and still counted the hours between doses.  I was exhausted from the pain, and I could barely keep my head up from the medication.

I got off of the Percoset and my leg stayed infection free without antibiotics.   The pins came out in 12 weeks, and the doctor put my leg into a walking cast and then a boot.  He released me on April 9.

My leg healed in less than seven months!  My physical therapist, a specialist in ankle fractures, said he would have given me three out of a hundred chances based on my initial x-rays.  Two weeks later, I hiked over 15 miles in two days.   Two months later, I was hiking in the Andes Mountains of Peru.

I appreciate immensely the wonderful medical care I received from the hospital, my surgeon, his staff, and my PT, and all the wonderful prayers and support from neighbors, friends, and family.  I know ultimately my healing was alignment with Divine Source.

Love, Sharon


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