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Our dream is "to take a thousand of our closest friends to Peru fifteen at a time" to experience the beauty and energy of this powerful land. Since the early 90's we've studied with many renowned Andean shamans.


Our friend and guide since the early 90's, Jose Arancibia Luglio or "Don Pepe" is an licensed guide and an indigenous healer from Peru. Don Pepe has spent his life working with sacred medicine plants and Andean healing practices.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2013 trip and retreats. To reserve your space, use the contact form or continue to Upcoming Trips and Workshops and Photo Gallery pages for more information.  



Testimonials about Doctors John and Sharon:

John and Sharon Franklin took me to places in Peru that would have not been possible for me to accomplish on my own. Their attention to detail allowed my wife and me to relax and to enjoy the beautiful sights of Peru and the friendship of my fellow travelers and guides.


Jim Murphy,
National Account Sales Manager


I have traveled with John and Sharon in Peru to many places -- the lush Amazon jungle, the crystal city of Machu Picchu, the remote and sacred mountain of Ausangate, each a marvel and adventure in its own way.  I come away refreshed and opened in a way that helps bring new sparks and perspectives into my own life and my healing practice.

Jessie Shaw
Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Marketing Consultant


Harriet PetersonThe trips to Peru have been so amazing and have inspired us and opened us up to the potential in our lives in so many ways. John and Sharon have the uncanny ability to be there to support each person while at the same time allowing everyone to have their own experience, trusting that each person will find his own path at his own pace.


Harriet Peterson
Professional Horse Trainer, Teacher, Show Judge


I have traveled to Peru with John and Sharon numerous times on life-changing journeys, all breathtakingly beautiful.  The skill and loving care with which the Franklins reliably handle the logistics is simply amazing. I have never met kinder, more present people.  I feel privileged to travel under their wings.


Ida Smith,
Zero Balancing Faculty


Traveling with the Franklins is an once-in-a-lifetime, joyful and exhilarating experience. We explored the sacred sites of Peru and experienced some of the most incredibly beautiful places in the world. We were able to see Peru from the inside, with teachers and guides who walk their talk, teach from the heart and vibrantly support the healing and well-being of each member of the group.


Mary Murphy,
Massage Therapist, Zero Balancing Faculty

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